Monday, 26 October 2015

Will I clear the interview?

Time of Prediction-12:50:41PM
Date of Prediction-23rd October 2015
Place-Vashi (Navi Mumbai)

A friend of mine asked me if she will clear the interview tomorrow?

Rule for interview as given on Page-171 of KP reader 6:-
Interview mean 2 people have to meet and discuss.
Houses to be judged for interview are 3(for meeting, interview), 9th(9 is 3rd
from 7th and 7th will represent the other person) and 11th house.

Will the interview take place in the first place?
If 11th CSL is placed in a star whose lord is retrograde, interview will not take place,
if 11th CSL is placed in a star whose lord is in direct motion, interview will take place.

Let's check if query is genuine; moon is placed in star of moon and sub of Rahu. 
Moon occupied in 10, owner of 4, Rahu occupied in 4, in mercury sign(occupied in 5, 
owner of 2,3,6) Since moon connected with 3, query is genuine.

Let's check if interview will take place?
11th CSL is Mercury placed in Moon star(which is never retrograde), so we can say
that interview will take place.

Let's check if she will clear the interview.
3rd CSL is Venus placed in Venus star, Venus occupied in 4, owner of 1

Both 9th CSL and 11th CSL are Mercury placed in Moon star, mercury occupied in 5,
owner of 2,3,6 and Moon is occupied in 10, owner of 4.


Here Mercury is strong significator of 10(12th to 11), also mercury is a 
weakest significator 3, also it is signifying 2(12th to 3), so I feel native will not 
clear the

Result:- My friend called me after 2 days and confirmed that she did not clear the interview. This is the beauty of KP, it can never fail. Pranam KSK ji and Pranam Ashok Kumar ji.

When will I be famous?

Horary no 10
Time of Prediction-4:49:15PM
Date of Prediction-16th October 2015
Place-Vashi(Navi Mumbai)

Let's check if query is genuine
Moon is in star of Saturn and sub of Mercury
Moon is occupied in 7, owner of 4, saturn is occupied in 7, owner of 10,11
Since Moon is connected with 10, query is genuine

Here 10th CSL is Saturn placed in saturn star, saturn is occupied in 7, owner of 10,11, so the native will be famous.

Also lets see Asc sub lord which is Venus, Venus in Ketu star, Ketu is occupied in 11
Since Asc sub lord is connected with 11, success is assured.

Famous when?

Significators of 1,10,11

1-Sun | Mars
10-Moon Saturn Ketu | Saturn
11-Venus Ketu | Moon Saturn Ketu | Saturn

Let's check RP

Day Lord-Venus
Lagna Star lord-Jupiter
Lagna sign lord-Jupiter
Moon star lord-Saturn
Moon sign lord-Mars

Saturn aspects Rahu, and Ketu is in Jupiter sign, so RP's are Rahu, Ketu, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars

Common planets between RP and significators are Venus, Mars, Saturn and Ketu

-Current dasha running is Saturn, we will take saturn because Saturn is a strong significator of 10,11, also in RP
-Current Bhukti is Mercury, we will skip Mercury as Mercury is not a common planet, we will take Ketu, as Ketu is a strong significator of 10,11, also nodes are stronger than planets
-I selected Anthra of Ketu
-I will take Sookshama of Venus

So DBAS is selected is Saturn-Ketu-Ketu-Venus which runs between 16th March 2016-19th March 2016

Will my son's lost bicycle be recovered?

Time of Prediction-12:28:57 AM
Date of Prediction-20th October 2015
Place-Vashi(Navi Mumbai)

Rule for recovery of lost property
If 11th CSL is connected with 2,6 or 11 then the lost property will be recovered in the DBA of 2,6,11 (If 11th CSL is connected with 5,8,12, then lost property will not be recovered)

Here the mother asked the question about her second son and hence I rotated the lagna to 7th house

Here 11th CSL is Jupiter (occupied in 11, owner of 3,6) placed in the star of Venus(occupied in 10, owner of 7,8), so we can say that lost bicycle will be recovered.

Recovery when?

Significators of 2,6,11


Let's check RP

Day Lord-Mars
Lagna Star lord-Saturn
Lagna sign lord-Moon
Moon star lord-Venus
Moon sign lord-Jupiter

Here Rahu is aspected by Saturn, so we will replace Saturn with Rahu, and Ketu represents Jupiter, replacing Jupiter by Ketu so RP's are Venus, Mars, Moon, Rahu, Ketu

Common planets between RP and significators are Mars, Moon, Rahu, Ketu

Current dasha running is Venus, though Venus is not a significator of 2,6,11, Venus is in Venus star and Sun sub, and Sun is owner of 11, so I considered Venus.

Current Bhukti running is Rahu, I took Rahu since Rahu is a RP and a strong significator of 11

Current Antara running is Mercury, though mercury is not in RP, mercury is a strong significator of 2,11, so I considered Mercury

I took Sookshama of Ketu (rejected Mercury) running between 28th October 2015-5th November 2015

So DBAS I selected if of Venus-Rahu-Mercury-Ketu

According to me bicycle will be recovered in the coming week.

Result-Cycle was recovered on 20th October 2015 between 7-10am

Will my friend be imprisoned?

Time of Prediction-10:05PM
Date of Prediction-21st October 2015
Place-Vashi(Navi Mumbai)

A friend of mine asked me that will his friend be impriosoned?

Rule for imprisonment(as given in KP Reader 6 Page no-313)
  1. 12th CSL should be Rahu.
  2. Rahu should be deposited in the star of a planet who is not retrograde.
  3. Rahu should be a significator of 2 or 3 or 8 or 12

All the 3 conditions should be simultaneously satisfied, even if one condition is not satisfied, person will not be imprisoned.

Here I rotated the chart and made 11th house as lagna since 11th house stands for friend.

12th CSL is Rahu placed in Mercury sign and sun star(sun is never retrograde). Rahu is occupied in 6 in conjunction with Mercury(occupied in 6, owner of 3,6)

Since 12th CSL Rahu is connected with 3, a person will have to go to the police station; but here Rahu is a strong significator of 6(defeat to the rival) and Rahu is in Mercury sign(fast moving planet), so the person will be released within a few hours.

Result:- The person did go to police station, spent 3-4 hours and he was released post that.